The Parts of a Seed

First Graders at Quindaro Elementary look for the Parts of a Seed

What is a seed?  Where do we find seeds? Is it true that much of the food we eat comes from a seed?  The workshop begins with a read-aloud of a garden book suitable for the developmental level of students.  Mentors explain that peanuts are seeds, and students are given their own peanut to dissect.  Using the peanut, students identify the parts of a seed: the embryo, the cotyledon, the seed coat. Mentors discuss how these parts help the plant grow.  Students plant a bean seed in a miniature, green house to-go, for continued growth observation and graphing.  Using a grinder, and peanut oil, students make peanut butter.  Mentors review George Washington Carver’s concepts of rotation of plantings.

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