Sweet Potato Harvest

4th Grade Students at Banneker harvest Sweet Potatoes with their Science Teacher

Students harvest Sweet Potatoes at Banneker Elementary

Banneker Elementary Science Students Harvest Sweet Potatoes in October

This workshop begins with a read-aloud about harvest. Students are asked to define the word “harvest.”  Mentors and students discuss how the sweet potatoes were originally planted in the spring and have grown all summer.  Mentors discuss how George Washington Carver describe convinced the cotton farmers in the south, to grow sweet potatoes as a way to replenish the soil, depleted from the cotton.  Mentors and students discuss the nutrition and valuable vitamins contained in sweet potatoes. Mentors advise in the best methods for harvest of sweet potatoes from our garden beds. Students are given instruction on how to best use our tools Students harvest sweet potatoes by digging them up from the beds.  Each class will be responsible for digging up one 4′ X 12′ foot bed.  Potatoes will be stored, and prepared for November’s workshops.

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